Italian taste tradition, sense of beauty... Made in Italy!

Thousand years knowledge of our hands

Italian Chef Sauces, since 1984

We are a company specialized in the production of artisan sauces

Our story begins in 1984 in Rivoli, just outside Turin.

Ours is an artisan reality: a boutique company made up of ten highly specialized employees.

Our sauces are aimed at a target attentive to the value of taste, authenticity and quality ingredients.

We make organic, vegan, gluten and allergen-free products that are completely free of modified thickeners and starches.

We are present in Italy and on the main international markets. 

About 20% of the production is destined for export to the countries of the European Union, Russia and Peru.

We mainly use Italian suppliers, where possible at zero kilometer.

We have always been attentive to the ethical dimension of our work. We work every day to minimize the environmental impact, the consumption of water and energy and the carbon footprint.

The special ingredients of our work

Selection of raw materials, rigorous production processes, attention to detail and attention to the environment.

These are the keywords of our daily work.
Since 1984 we have been committed to constantly improving the quality of products, following a path made of craftsmanship and innovation.

We are chef of sauces, it's our passion.

We are a team. 
A close-knit team that continues to grow
by sharing values ​​and objectives.

We like to do things carefully, slowly,
respecting the ingredients and traditions.

We take care of the planet we live in.

This is why we have developed processes and good practices
to reduce the environmental impact every day.

Commercial manager

"You can't" sell "what you don't know.
That's why I spend more time in production than in the office.

I like to follow all the stages of making our sauces, it is a source of inspiration for my daily work.
Knowing every product secret is an important tool to communicate our added value to business partners and thus be able to start a collaboration path.

We are first of all a craft company, we are not and we do not want to be an industrial reality.

For this reason passion is one of the ingredients of our daily work. We are proud of everything we do. "


Production worker

"I am the 'sauces master'.
Mine is an ancient and at the same time modern profession, and I am proud of it. It means carrying on a great tradition made of knowledge, experience and daily work.

Raw materials are mixed according to strict rules and proportions, but ours is not an industrial process. For this reason each sauce has a different recipe from the others and each production is never the same as the previous one.

Our sauces are the combination of tradition and innovation. A perfect balance made possible also by the use of "mild technologies".
We are an "ethical" company in the most authentic sense of the term, for this reason we are always careful to optimize the consumption of water and energy thus reducing the environmental impact."



"I take care of the final phase of product creation: years of traditions and skills are contained in each sauce jar.

My job requires attention, concentration and coordination.
Our sauces can thus begin their journey to your tables.
The packaging process is performed according to high sustainability standards.

We use glass for our jars and "Havana" natural cardboard for shipments.

For some time now we have been abandoning white cardboard - which contains chemical solvents - to further reduce environmental damage."


Production support

“I am the newcomer to the Tuttovo home and I immediately set in the company.

I take care of supporting the production, I collaborate with Simone and Iuliana in the making of the sauces and in the packaging.

I have the opportunity to follow all the operational phases, from the selection of raw materials to the shipment of packages. I really like.

I am happy to learn an ancient craft, made of tradition and knowledge in the field, which will allow me to grow and improve my skills day after day. "

Our Products


100% Bio, Organic
& Gluten free


For your creativity
in the kitchen


Produced only with
the best Italian tomato

Welcome to our house

Come in,
discover more about our sauces.

We produce artisan sauces by mixing innovation and tradition...
BioBontà is the Tuttovo line of organic and gluten-free sauces

TUTTOVO operates in Italy since 1984.

For more than thirty years has been providing quality and safety, thanks to the exclusive manufacturing processes covered by patents, and strict controls, guaranteed by the Bioagricert certification and from the CE mark for egg products and milk...

Where we are

Via Stura 24, 10098 Rivoli (TO) - Italy

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Via Stura 24,
10098 Rivoli (TO) - Italy