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discover more about our sauces.

We produce artisan sauces by mixing innovation and tradition...
Forget about big industrial processes:
we prefer making things as it once was.

That is why we make use of mild technologies
to keep all the best of our ingredients.

We are in charge of all the production processes from start to end and we are driven by ethical principles.

That is why we do not make use anymore of lactic acid, in the last ten years we redesigned the pH of all our products from scratch.
We do not make use of strong organic acids, which are generally used as preservatives.

And surely we do not make use of starch derivatives.
If mixed with water, the starch increases the amount of the overall weight of the sauces, so less ingredients are needed:
this is not our way. 

So what about our sauces?

 Here is some example:



of tomatoes
every 100gr of product




Fat less
& cholesterol free

Rice mayonnaise

  • Our ketchup is made up of 250 gr. of tomatoes every 100 gr of product.
    Tomatoes are slowly cooked for 12 hours, keeping unaltered their nutritive features.
  • Our Italian mayonnaise contains a high percentage of Extra Virgin Olive (EVO) oil. That is why it has a unique home-made taste.
  • Our rice mayonnaise does not contain eggs.
    It is 100% organic with 30% fat less and cholesterol-free.
  • And what about our beetroots ketchup?
    It does not contain tomatoes or added sugars. 

So this is what we do.
So this is what we love.

Our Products


100% Bio, Organic
& Gluten free


For your creativity
in the kitchen


Produced only with
the best Italian tomato

Italian Chef Sauces

since 1984

From the raw ingredients selection
to controls during processing..

Via Stura 24,
10098 Rivoli (TO) - Italy