News: the new organic ketchup sugar-free is born

Finally a pleasant taste in a healthy product!
Here is the new Ketchup sugar-free by "Biobontà"! 
Just 39 Kcal per 100 g - only goodness and pleasure.

Attention to health is a decisive factor for the success of a food. In Italy, in fact, consumers are becoming more and more sensitive to food products with a balanced nutritional intake.(*)

Sugar becomes one of the main enemies to fight to stay health, regain line and shape weight.
Why is it so important to take sugar out of Ketchup?

Because Ketchups on the market can contain up to 35% of their weight of sugar! That means 100 g of product can contain 35 g = (10 lumps) of sugar!

Unfortunately, giving up the sweet taste often also means giving up small sensations of satisfying pleasure.

  • Why deprive yourself of this pleasure?
  • Why not enjoy a good product without worries and guilt?

Organic, gluten free and vegan erythritol is the solution!
Ideal to completely renew traditional recipes, like the new Ketchup sugar-free, without depriving them of their typical and satisfying taste.

In erythritol the word "healthy" is associated with the adjective "natural": behind this "explosive" name hides a substance obtained from corn, with a fermentation process similar to that of fruit ripening.

Our long experience with sauces has allowed us to compose this good news!

The new Biobontà Ketchup sugar-free sweetened with erythritol is not only healthy, certified organic, gluten free and vegan, but above all it is good!

And it will make those who suffer from diabetes - and unfortunately there are many of them - really happy.
It satisfies the most demanding and health-conscious consumers, but also sportsmen and sportswomen, always looking for healthy and clean food!

The product will be on sale from October 2020, in specialty shops, gourmets, delicatessens, butchers served by Tuttovo, with the international brand Biobontà.

(*) Foods "with no added sugar" grew by 9.1% in 2019.
This is revealed by the results of the seventh edition of the Imagined Observatory of GS1 Italy and Nielsen 

Tasty, healthy and good for you!

We want to say that we make Italian sauces:

  • that have an Italian genesis: born from our millenary knowledge, from our know-how of Italians
  • an Italian story: a story born in the beauty of an unparalleled landscape: Italy
  • Italian production: the Italian tradition of taste

... the authentic components of Made in Italy


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