Biobontà Horseradish

A soft taste mayonnaise, lightly spicy and aromatic.

Lightly spicy

Armoracia Rusticana horseradish, usually called Cren comes from East Europe. It was used from the most ancient age.

In the Middle Age it was used for its therapeutic properties and starting from XVI century it started to be used also to cook.

Its natural spiciness intensifies many culinary varieties.

Sunflower seed oil* Water Horseradish* (12%) Pasteurized egg yolk* (6,5%) Apple vinegar* Wine vinegar* Sea salt Lemon juice IGP* Natural flavour Thickener: xanthan gum
(*) organic product

Biobontà Horseradish sauce is so delicate and it combines well with smoked fish, seafood, boiled meat, roast-beef, and it is excellent with uncooked and boiled vegetablesboiled eggs and cheeses.

At room temperature.
After opening the packaging, to be preserved in the fridge.

Glass bottle 130 g with security cap twist-off.

Biobontà Horseradish nutricional facts

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Classic, Spicy, Balsamic, Barbecue ...

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Tuna, Mustard, Tartar, Mexican,
Green Pepper...

    Produced in Italy with artisan methods and selected ingredients of the highest quality, only from organic farming

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